Book release: Post-Growth Work

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The book „Post-Growth Work. Employment and Meaningful Activities within Planetary Boundaries“, edited by Angelika Zahrnt and Irmi Seidl, has recently been published by Routhledge. Containing a foreword by Tim Jackson, the book aims to show that society must rethink the notion of formal employment and instead introduce and spread the notion of „meaningful work“ so that societies can become independent of economic growth.

A first glance at the table of contents shows which broad and innovative topics the book addresses:



  1. Employment, Meaningful Activity and the Post-Growth Society (Irmi Seidl and Angelika Zahrnt)

Part 1: The Basics

  1. On the Historical Development of Work (Andrea Komlosy)
  2. Value-Orientation and Meaningful Activity in the Post-Growth Society (Ernst Fritz-Schubert)
  3. Revaluations of Work: Enabling and Combining a Diversity of Activities (Stefanie Gerold)

Part 2: Employment and Meaningful Activities: Actors

  1. The Role of Consumers: Social Participation Beyond Work and the Market (Corinna Fischer and Immanuel Stieß)
  2. The Role of Businesses in the Creation of Sustainable Work (Gerrit von Jorck and Ulf Schrader)
  3. Employment in the Tension between Ecology and Distributive Justice: The Role of Trade Unions (Norbert Reuter)
  4. Voluntary Charitable Activity: Motivation, Prerequisites, Accomplishments (Theo Wehner)

Part 3: Employment and Meaningful Activities: Sectors

  1. Formal and Informal Care Work (Jonas Hagedorn)
  2. Meaningful Activities in Agriculture: Agro-Culture as a Guiding Principle (Franz-Theo Gottwald, Irmi Seidl, and Angelika Zahrnt)
  3. Digitalisation and Concepts of Extended Work (Linda Nierling and Bettina-Johanna Krings)

Part 4: The Socio-Economic Context

  1. Social Security in the Post-Growth Society (Gisela Kubon-Gilke)
  2. An Employment-Friendly Tax System (Angela Köppl and Margit Schratzenstaller)
  3. Work in Developing and Newly Industrialised Countries (Georg Stoll)


  1. The Prospects for Practical Action (Irmi Seidl and Angelika Zahrnt)


This book, that has been translated from German by Ray Cunningham, will be a key resource for professionals and scholars interested in sustainability, economics, work, transformation and post-growth studies. You can find out more about the book and order it from the publisher here. Access to the ebook is also available from Taylor & Francis.


Seidl, Irmi; Zahrnt, Angelika (2021): Post-Growth Work: Employment and Meaningful Activities within Planetary Boundaries. Routledge: London. With a foreword by Tim Jackson.


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