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Preempting a Misleading Argument: Why Environmental Problems Will Stop Tracking with GDP

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I hate to say I told you so, and could be too dead to do so, so I’ll tell you in advance: One decade soon, environmental problems will stop tracking with GDP. But the reasons? Well, they probably aren’t what you think, especially if you’ve been drinking the green Kool-Aid. …

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A Business Built for Resilience

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What does business look like in a steady state economy? I’m often asked whether or not a steady state economy would somehow lead to the stagnation of free enterprise. Yet all around us today, we’re witnessing the flourishing of ‘social enterprise,’ a business model designed to maximize human and environmental …


Integrating Ecology and Economics

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Attempts to integrate economics and ecology have been based on one of three strategies: (1) economic imperialism; (2) ecological reductionism; (3) steady-state subsystem. Each strategy begins with the picture of the economy as a subsystem of the finite ecosystem. Thus all three recognize limits to growth. The differences concern the …