The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Growth and Degrowth

06.04.2018 17:15 - 08.04.2018 14:30 | Witten

Does green growth save our planet? Is growth necessary for development?  Is a concept like degrowth realistic or just a utopia?

These issues will be discussed in detail at our 3rd International PPE Conference, a student-led academic event at Witten/Herdecke University. The topic for this year’s conference is “The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Growth and Degrowth”. We will focus on an interdisciplinary approach to the concept of unconditional economic growth contrasted with contesting notions such as sustainable development, green growth and degrowth, among others.

The International PPE Conference offers students a setting to present their research to peers and experts. It provides the rare opportunity to discuss with invited experts and likeminded fellow students all those questions which have been on their mind, and which no article or book seem to be able to answer.

In addition, during breaks and in the evenings, sufficient space is provided for the participants to network and mingle. The internationality of the conference with participants from all over the world and different academic backgrounds enriches a basis on which to build an exciting and fruitful exchange of ideas. We welcome all students who want to increase their awareness of current theoretical and empirical questions in the field of growth and degrowth.

At the International PPE conference students take center stage; we are dismantling academic hierarchies.

More information can be found here.