Degrowth 2014: Many interesting contributions received – Deadline for short papers extended to 14 March

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DG_RZ_Logo_72dpi 150pxWe are pleased to announce a further extension for the submission of abstracts for short papers to the 4th International Degrowth Conference to be held in Leipzig from the 2nd to 6th of September 2014. The conference aims at building bridges between scientific research and civil society movements  in order to overcome the growth paradigm. So far, 250 scientific papers were received, as well as further 250 activist and practical contributions. In addition, 30 stirring papers for the Group Assembly Process  (GAP) were submitted. Although the deadline for all submissions was 28th of February, short paper submissions will still be accepted until 14th of March.

Short papers can be submitted here and should consist of a detailed abstract of 600 to 1200 words and a summary of 150 words. They can be relating to the following thematic threads:

  • Organizing Society (Emancipatory politics, participation, institutions)
  • Building a social and ecological economy ((Re-)productivity, commons, society-nature relations)
  • Living conviviality (Buen vivir. Open knowledge. Convivial technology)

With the overwhelming response to our calls for submissions and the confirmed and invited speakers, the conference programme is already taking shape:
There will be 20 panel sessions with three panelists and a facilitator each, 7-8 keynote sessions and an inspiring artistic programme. Confirmed speakers include Sunita Narain, Joan Martinez-Alier, Eric Pineault, Laura Bazzicalupo, Melania Calestani, Niko Paech, Giorgos Kallis and Alberto Acosta. In  order to round up our programme, we look forward to receiving further interesting and inspiring short papers.

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