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Conference on Pluralism in Economics


Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

The scope of the conference is rooted in the increasing importance of theoretical and methodological pluralism in economics. As the complexity of real world issues regarding economics requires multiple perspectives – to avoid one-sidedness and intellectual stagnation – a renewed understanding of economics has to be pluralistic. Multiple claims towards pluralism, like the open-letter by the international student initiative ISIPE, have been launched to reinvigorate the debate within the...mehr »

Good Life beyond Growth


Universität Jena

The Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany, and the Max-Weber-Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies in Erfurt are jointly organizing a high-profile international conference on the Good Life beyond Growth from May 21-23, 2015 at the University of Jena. The conference seeks to connect current empirical research on the patterns of economic growth, social inequality, and the ecological crises, with normative questions of the good life raised by scholars from philosophy, sociology,...mehr »

Hochschultag Ökosoziale Marktwirtschaft und Nachhaltigkeit

12:30 Uhr
19:00 Uhr

Feldkirchenstr. 21, Universität Bamberg - Raum F 137

Was nun, was tun? Verantwortungsvoller konsumieren, einfacher leben und mehr genießen. 3. Bamberger Hochschultag: Öffentliche Veranstaltung mit Experten, Studierenden & Gästen am 24. Juni 2015.mehr »